images of GIR or GIR cake

Why I Needed to Make a GIR Cake

When my son Levi was about to turn 10, he wanted to have a birthday party with the theme of GIR, the robot companion to Invader Zim. These were the main two characters in a Nickelodeon animated television series by Jhonen Vasquez aimed at older children that was called Invader Zim. Although the series was cancelled in 2002, less than 2 years after it launched, it has something of a cult following and is seeing a resurgence among adolescents through young adults, including my two sons. Because Zim and GIR are attempting to take over planet Earth, GIR cannot possibly go around looking like a robot, so he has a green dog suit for a disguise that he zips up; while this is extremely conspicuous to the audience, apparently the disguise is effective for everyone else.

Anyway, Levi wanted a GIR cake, and the local bakeries didn't do GIR cakes. I researched the Internet and found one site at Artisan Cake Company that had some instructions, but it talked about fondant and other stuff that I had never heard of. So I used the site to get an idea of shapes and then did my own thing.