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Ancient Mayan calendar, hand carved in a tan-colored stone. The center contains a face with its tongue sticking out; there are concentric circles with each circle having a different symmetrical design; the next to outer circle is decorated with rays pointing outward, like a compass or like the sun's rays.

August 3 Summer Exhibitions Opening Reception
August 11 Workshop: Exploring Watercolors
August 10 Young Artist Workshop
August 17 Forum: Artist Critique Night
August 16 Forum: Artist Critique Night
August 25 Workshop: Exploring Oils
September 8 Workshop: Exploring Giclee
September 14 Young Artist Workshop
September 20 Spoken Word Performance
September 21 Forum: Artist Critique Night
September 22 Workshop: Exploring Photography
October 1 Fall Exhibitions Opening Reception
October 12 Young Artist Workshop
October 13 Workshop: Exploring Sculpture
October 18 Forum: Artist Critique Night
October 19 Forum: Artist Critique Night
October 27 Workshop: Exploring Pastels
November 2 Watermann Gallery Art Foundation Gala
November 9 Young Artist Workshop
November 10 Workshop: Exploring Metalwork
November 15 Spoken Word Performance
November 16 Forum: Artist Critique Night
November 24 Workshop: Exploring Woodturning
December 7 Young Artist Workshop
December 14 Forum: Artist Critique Night