My  Career


Hi, I'm Suzy Oliver, a mobile and web developer living in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States. I am about to finish the semester at Rogers State University where I am a full-time Instructor of Computer Science and Applied Technology. I love teaching here because I get to combine three of my favorite things: computer development, classroom teaching, and one-on-one tutoring. Unfortunately, I've been down-sized due to state budget cuts.

I'm now seeking full-time or part-time opportunities as a Mobile and/or Web Developer using Swift, Objective C, Java, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL or as an Applications Developer using C++, C, C#, Java, SQL. ... More

Early Corporate Career

For the first decade of my career, I was in the corporate world doing mostly statistical modeling in C++, C, PL/I, Pascal, and FORTRAN and creating and accessing databases with SQL. These companies included Amoco/Standard Oil of Indiana, MPSI, and The Williams Companies. The first and last of these were oil and gas companies, and MPSI did marketing research, which involved demographics and mapping. At MPSI, I was exposed to artificial intelligence (AI) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Suzy wrote much of the C++ code to program this King Air flight simulator for pilot training.

My Own Business

When I realized that my older son, Will, had some special needs that weren't being met, I started my own business, Lugar PC Software Consultants, that I conducted in the evenings and weekends so that I could teach my son during the day. At Lugar Software Consultants, I created some web sites, helped debug C and C++ code for clients, taught senior citizens and disabled students to use PCs, and set up QuickBooks accounting software for many small business owners. I did quite a bit of networking through the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Mobile and Web Retraining

When Will was ready to attend a regular school, some of my programming skills were outdated, so I taught math and computer science and did tutoring while I took all of the classes that Tulsa Community College had to offer on Mobile Development and earned an Associate degree in that field. I am still taking Web Development classes there. I particularly enjoyed writing iOS apps (for iPhone/iPad). I am so glad that Apple switched to the Swift language, which I am currently learning. In school, I fell in love with the C# language. I won first place in the Intermediate Division of three C# programming contests in the past year with the Tulsa Dot Net Users Group.


Three years ago, I was a consultant for 7 months at Aviation Simulation Technology, where I programmed an airplane simulator for pilot training using C++. I recently finished an iOS app for the iPhone and iPad and plan to put it in iTunes for sale soon. Last Spring semester, I did an internship with Zealcon in conjunction with TCC writing PHP and MySQL code along with doing iOS development. I am now looking at taking a corporate job or finding contract work as a Mobile and/or Web Developer while writing apps of my own for mobile devices.

At Rogers State University (RSU), I'm teaching Programming I with Java, both in-class and online, Human Computer Interaction, and Microsoft Office Applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Next year, I'll probably teach Programming I with Java and Systems Analysis as online classes so that they won't interfere with my ability to accept a full-time development position. ...Less

Suzy Oliver won 3 C# Intermediate Level programming contests of the Tulsa Dot Net Users Group during 2014. This is a photo of one of the presentations of the trophy.